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3 thoughts on “Link roundup: December 6”
  1. @Michael B That’s pretty neat. But mostly for ease of installation and its apparent ability to conserve the battery by micro increments. According to the sales site it’s $700 for the first 1,000 units, $800 after they sell those. That’s a whole new bike.

    They jazz the sale up with GPS apps that you certainly don’t need the wheel for or vice versa. Eh.

    Then they include some bullcrap “Terms of sale” click contract. Yuck.

    I don’t think that it’s worth it to me.

  2. “But if you’re riding with one of these on your bike then you’re not really cycling, are you? You’re riding an electric bike with pedal assist…” pretty much sums up the views expressed in the comments about this product and e-bikes.
    But I don’t guess e-bikes are meant to replace many aspects of cycling, especially from the purists’ point of view who can seem to find endless fault with them.
    I’m not suggesting e-bikes are the panacea to transportation problems, but what is…or will be.  Something got cyclists out of their cars, so what is the equivalent appeal to motorists to get them out of theirs. It’s not going to be the same.
    Walking is probably the only form of transportation without any environmental concerns, but more power to e-bikes if they can get the next phase of motorists out on two wheels.

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