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4 thoughts on “Link roundup: February 15”
  1. I used to think that this wasn’t so true….(from the article)…..”Cunningham said he often sees negative attitudes toward bicyclists among jurors, as well as in the general public — and every time a cyclist runs a red light, fails to signal in front of traffic, or rides four- or five-abreast, preventing a car from passing, the act confirms ­motorists’ belief that bicyclists should not be in the road, he said.”
    Is the cycling community so large and diverse that it can’t focus on certain specific behaviors for the improvement of public perception?
    I’m thinking this should be a priority and everything else should take a back seat for a while.  Thanks for posting this link, Red Star.

  2. Essentially agree, zz.
    Red Star tends to “get” from the article, that the prosecuting attorney (Norfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey) did not make his case effectively (he’s supposed to)–he failed to overcome the bias and so, the bias ended up in control. He claims to be aware of the bias. If he is serious about his job, perhaps he’ll do better in the future by facing the bias head-on and make the people’s case aggressively and intelligently. Bad boy cyclists need to get it together, but are irrelevant in this case. Face the bias and take it down. Seems the local police department did its job awesomely,  but looks like a learning curve for the DA. Skill-up, DA? And so many others?

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