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4 thoughts on “Link roundup: January 15”
  1. DrTriKat  OK…..(this is a great topic, by the way). Part of my commute involves riding south on Euclid. Immediately after the Speedway intersection, I use the sidewalk for usually half a block until the traffic clears. I justify this for safety at that incredible pinch point and general increase of risk that intersections pose. I only stay on the sidewalk as long as it takes for the traffic to clear, then get back on that rubble of a street. Nothing will ever keep me from doing this. I don’t expect to ever see any infrastructure improvement there. If we had  really attentive and out-going cycling personnel at the city, and this would require a team, situations like this could be addressed.
    I think running a red light is an ‘in-your-face’ behavior that’s an affront to all road users. It’s never just an asshole… it’s ‘an asshole on a bike….’ and we really don’t need to promote that connection.

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