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3 thoughts on “Link roundup: January 16”
  1. The article on stop signs decreasing cyclists’ efficiency didn’t mention the Idaho stop.  I guess the author isn’t aware of Idaho’s law.

  2. The Specialized vs. Volagi case was tried in civil court.  As such, no one was found guilty or innocent.  The jury did find for the plaintiff on one count out of nine against Robert Choi.

    Bad reporting shouldn’t be perpetuated through links to articles.  There are quite few other media outlets that reported the story correctly.

  3. Following the link to the original source, Bike Radar, you find that they got the terminology right.  Somewhere between Bike Radar and  Cycling news the first paragraph was altered and a headline added..  In fact the original Bike Radar article has a thank you to an attorney for help in getting the terminology right.  

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