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8 thoughts on “Link roundup: January 25”
  1. The bike does pretty well until day 211 where both the basket and the front Kryptonite lock disappear, after that the decline is fairly rapid.  I’m not sure I’d call this stealing.  More like salvaging.  The bike was abandoned.  Leave a car on the street and it gets towed in less than a month.  I’m pretty sure Mike posted this earlier but perhaps it was only on his Facebook feed?

  2. It’s not clear to Red Star that the bike was abandoned: there was a secret camera watching it, rrrrright? In the common sense of “abandoned,” it wasn’t really (the thieves didn’t know that of course, and that may be the point). Or perhaps not: Red Star is not familiar with NYC salvage rights as they apply to bikes, if at all. Why would someone go to all the trouble of the project if bicycle-stripping (okay, you’re not sure you would call it stealing) weren’t a known and reprehensible phenomena?

    Red Star does make an effort to not re-post something Tucson Velo has already posted in the Link Roundup. Searching.  Red Star doesn’t search the Facebook page, nor the 1200 (as of this moment) links to the instant story on Google. There isn’t time and in any case: “Post any interesting links you find in the comment section.” (Tucson Velo)


    Red Star

  3. If it were parked somewhere and I saw it for 211 days never moving I’d still leave it alone but if it were my bike I’d have no expectation that it could persist unmoved and unmolested for 211 days.  

  4. And there’s even the old saying “if you don’t keep your bike moving,  you fall off.”

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