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One thought on “Link roundup: January 30”
  1. In the early 90’s, I built what is now called the Bowen trail.  There was clearly a need, and the terrain was mild.  There are a couple spots on it that drainage bars would be appropriate, but I never got to it; shame on me for that.  I agree that some wildcat trails are very poorly done and end up being badly eroded and are eyesores.  On the other hand I don’t understand why the county doesn’t create a nice, well marked trail up that little hill at the top of Gates Pass.  Many thousands of tourists stop at the overlook there and try to hike that knob but there are several bad trails and not a well marked good trail.  I haven’t been out there for a couple years so maybe they fixed it.  It has always been a mystery to me that such a premier spot wasn’t better cared for.  I have always wanted to see a trail around the South side of Bren Benchmark peak that would connect to the existing trail on its East side.  Currently you have to drop a lot of elevation to get around it.  I will take their advice and call them about it.

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