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2 thoughts on “Link roundup: January 30”
  1. I love the article about Portland cyclists crashing on the trolley tracks. Us Tucsonans can rejoice in knowing that cyclists around the globe get to enjoy the delights of crashing on trolly tracks just like us. The pain is all the more pleasant because we’re paying big bucks for those tracks. Take my money and beat me, man who could ask for more fun than that?

  2. This is so bad. The city wants to add this streetcar but refuses to acknowledge the change it requires of other users of the street. Oh but wait – the U of A gets special vibration dampening treatment of the tracks that are near their sensitive equipment. The U of A isn’t dampening its equipment against the streetcar, the city is dampening the tracks so the equipment isn’t damaged by the vibration. Personal injury and property damage to cyclists; what’s that???
    If true cyclists were in the decision making tier of this thing, the rubber flange would be a given to protect against even one loss of life – we’re too late for that.
    For sure against a second loss of life.
    Maybe not this city.

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