6 thoughts on “Link roundup: July 15”
  1. The article by Leonard was pretty inoffensive.  Certainly, Leonard didn’t display the unquenchable need for attention that Red Star does with his put on third person comments.  Is there anything more insincere and fake?
    Fortunately, Red Star’s opinion isn’t a measure of anything.  Having bicycling or a bicycling app discussed in Salon does more for cycling than Red Star ever has.

  2. PlanckLength 
    It is Red Star’s view that the “weeee!, there’s an app for this maintaining and fixing the bike thing!” mentality shown by Andrew Leonard in the piece is silly and perhaps counterproductive. Red Star will even go further and contend that most all apps, regardless of application, are silly, gratuitous, and in short, not all that necessary. 

    Or, is it that there are millions of non-cyclists out there who would really, really like to cycle in some way, they’re just waiting for the perfect app? Really?

    Hope this clarifies things for you, intellectually. Your hosile emotional reactions aren’t really Red Star’s problem.

  3. I think Red Star is making a joke.  He is calling attention to something vapid; directing our attention to something that he acknowledges to to be dull and useless.  So the joke, of course, is on us.
    Think of Red Star as the precocious and highly annoying little brother of your best friend.  He takes heavy advantage of the fact you can’t beat the hell out of him, and hasn’t got the skills to get attention in any positive fashion. 
    However, in this case, I don’t think the article is all that vapid.  It’s an informational article about how to carry piles of repair manuals and diagrams on your phone.  Not my thing, but might serve a purpose for some.
    Beware though Planck Length, Red Star *always* gets the last word, and is sure to point out your own shortcomings.  Just remember: best friend’s annoying little brother, and move on.

  4. Red Star PlanckLength  Red Star’s uninformed comments should be a concern for anyone that’s interested in rational, critical thought.  I’d wager that Red Star’s experience with apps is likely negligible to non-existent, and certainly his experience with the app he derides  is non existent.  So given the uninformed nature of Red Star’s comments, they can hold no real value.

  5. @E You might be right, but given a survey of Red Star’s comments over the years, it’s apparent he contributes very little to the cycling community.

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