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5 thoughts on “Link roundup: July 19”
  1. Population Density in Tucson, AZ by Zip Code

    Population Density in Portland, OR by Zip Code

    And, if you click on the yellow field above the upper left hand corner of the map you will get a drop down menu of other maps for the city.

    Two Red Star caveats:

    1)  Zipatlas doesn’t seem to cite its sources at the website…might be Census 2010, Census 2000, other sources.

    2) The transpo/lifestyle/political issues are more complex and nuanced than maps can present. If they are valid, they are a start point?

  2. So, how much has ridership increased in 25 years? I don’t think hard numbers exist, but my sense is there are more but not proportionately more.
    More bike shops now than then? Anyone have a 1986 phone book?
    Gas prices up about 70% (in 2010 dollars).
    Bike infrastructure has increased greatly since then.
    But so has the sprawl.
    El Tour participants: through the roof.
    Just random thoughts while thinking about where all the riders are.

  3. The median household income in Portland is $11,000 higher than in Tucson.  Portland is very white.  About 80% white.  Tucson is 49% non Hispanic white.  Tucson metro is right about a million in population, Portland metro is over 2 million.  As Ryn likes to point out these are very different demographic, ethnic, geographic  and economic entities.  Ian Johnson thinks $6 a gallon gas will solve it, perhaps and don’t I wish.  

  4. If Portland maximized the effect of what it has (high-paid white people) to create its bicycle utopia, then Tucson needs to maximize the effect of what it has to create its bicycle utopia (not Portland’s). If Tucson’s ridership numbers could reach Portland’s and the added numbers be attributed to tourism/vacationers, that would be something. We do have weather and terrrain.

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