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3 thoughts on “Link roundup: July 2”
  1.  A doper should not be allowed to ever participate in their chosen sport, or any other sport, ever again.  The record of their participation in the sport, wins, places, even being there, should be erased.  Like the old Soviet practice of erasing people out of existence, they should be erased from the sporting world.  If they had won an event, everyone behind them would be moved up one place in the history books.  Plus, they should be fined to pay for all the work needed to “rub them out.”

  2. 3wheeler,

    Red Star doesn’t disagree with your sentiment; the Red Star objective is to put views out there.

    More than anything else (rules, ethics, etc.) is the biological damage that can be done to ordinary children should hyped corporate (NBC, KVOA) doping trickle down to them and dumb parents.

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