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3 thoughts on “Link roundup: July 30”
  1. The LA Streetsblog piece on bikes v cars is right on the money.  Carter Rubin is exceptionally articulate on this topic.  His reaction to the LADN editorial on the new anti bicyclist harassment law is definitely worth a read.  

    Nice to see that the tack terrorist of Pungo has finally been aprehended.  What an odd case.  Flatting hundreds of bicyclists tyres because of some resentment regarding sharing and road use.  How do we reset the expectations of both motorists and bicyclists?  We have our own version of this with the Shoot out rides and the Sahuarita police.  Peoples reactions to mere seconds of inconvenience are disproportionate to the actual delay incurred.

    The future of fixes?  Don’t bother.  Comments by a person who doesn’t ride one and doesn’t get it either.  It takes a good 6 months to begin to get good at riding one.  I think that’s the appeal for me.  As a child you learn to ride a bicycle.  There’s that giddy moment when you’ve finally succeeded, you’re hurtling down the driveway flush with success and terror because you know that in a  moment you are going to crash and burn.  As an adult there isn’t much that can take you instantly back to your childhood.  Riding a fixed gear bike did that for me.  The first time you forget and sit up to coast going fast you are transported to the terror of your 5 year old self.  Regarding the skinny jeans hipster culture surrounding fixies, who cares?  Work your own program plus what would BSNYC write about if the hipsters all disappeared tomorrow?  

  2. Thanks for posting this link.  There are some definite parallels with our street car track situation in Tucson.  Great pictures of what isn’t working.  

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