Scraper bikes in Tucson?

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3 thoughts on “Link roundup: March 26”
  1. I noticed that Tucson didn’t make the Huffington Post’s top ten American cities for biking.  Are the 10 they list really better than Tucson?  I haven’t ridden in any of the other places so I’m just asking.

  2. With the exception of maybe Austin and Portland, the other cities are all places that have made huge investments in the last few years.

    They are all places that have been pretty poor in regard to providing facilities for bicyclists until recently. Now those cities are creating a buzz with all the investments they are making in bicycling.

    I think Tucson has already done a lot, but isn’t investing like those other cities who are trying to play catchup.

    I think the list is more about cycling buzz that good places to ride.

    That being said, Tucson has a lot of problems when it comes to cycling. Chief among them is safety and in the eyes of the LAB, the amount of people we have using bikes as transportation versus recreation.

  3. So, we do good in path and lane miles, but loose out in commuter services and amenities, parking, storage, even rentals for tourists.
    Along with cycling ‘buzz’ and big pushes for advancement, I got the sense of increased welcoming for cycling.

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