Link roundup for March 5, 2010. Post any interesting links you have found in the last few days.

Stolen bike case lands sergeant on leave

A Canadian Journalist on Riding His Bike All Winter

Is San Francisco about to end Critical Mass?

Muni bus hits bike, keeps going

Brompton child seat makes perfect sense for bicycle commuters

Help survivors navigate ruined roads by giving them bikes

Bike Safety Package Comes with Fixie Crackdown

How San Francisco is building bike lanes with the iPhone

Say goodbye to walking; bike sharing will soon be here

United Airlines bashed on Facebook over bicycle fee

Medford applies the brakes on bicycle license regulation

Pilgrim on a biking mission

Bend teacher challenges students to bike to school

Slide show: Once a bike – always a work of art

Tall Bike Joust for iPhone grabs SXSW’s attention

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