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4 thoughts on “Link roundup: May 23”
  1. From the twitter sidebar…..”It pains me to see students hugging the curb on Euclid Ave. Either take the lane or use one of the other 10 preferable N/S streets.”
    I’m twitter ignorant and don’t know who HootSuite is, but I agree on this Euclid Ave. situation.
    The city has thrown up its hands on this one. It has no clue what to do about this 30,000+ vehicles a day clog. As the Main Gate area gets developed this section, along with its sister clog, Speedway,will get worse. This section has been on the BAC list since forever and hasn’t even been able to get resurfaced. I don’t know if some of those ten other options are viable, but there needs to be some action taken at this location. I think opening the sidewalk to bikes is the only effective thing to do at this time.

  2. HootSuite is the software that the user “tucsonvelo” (presumably Mr. McKisson) used to post to Twitter.

  3. Regarding that “Taxing bikers” story:

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  4. Just google rahm pass and directly link to the article. You’ll be able to read it without a log in

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