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3 thoughts on “Link roundup: November 1”
  1. @Orvis  Wait a minute…anyone who rides a bike on any street for any reason is a vehicular cyclist. ‘Everyone else who rides a bike’ is either on a mountain bike trail or the loop or other bikeway or BMX park, etc. So where’s the conflict?  Could it be merely in the heads of riders who don’t want to consider themselves vehicular because that has been linked to a non-safe condition. Could it be that urban governments have perpetuated that link to support the type of ‘infrastructure’ it wants to do and show ‘success’ at. They put paint on the pavement, signs on the posts and say ‘Ride Here’ and that’s infrastructure with the implied safety akin to the cocoon of protection that the would be cyclists feel from their automobiles.
    Impressive from Cline’s video is the signal control at intersections and the serious nature that seems pretty universal among riders. Maybe that’s the manifestation of the culture that serves their needs better than any infrastructure.

  2. @zz The vehicular cyclist isn’t mine and I don’t really have a defined side in this debate but I do find Cline’s video interesting and provocative and the conversation in the comments is more of the same.  Personally I define myself as a transportation cyclist who also happens to like the occasional organised ride but yes I’m certainly using my bicycle as a vehicle.

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