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One thought on “Link roundup: November 17”
  1. The City of Tucson Department of Transportation/Police Department sting operation was working the TPD quota thing over at 3rd and Treat Friday morning:
    E 3RD ST & N TREAT AV    11-14 Fri     07:38 AM     Bicycle traffic     BT     E143180174
    E 3RD ST & N TREAT AV      11-14 Fri     07:28 AM     Bicycle traffic     BT     E143180164
    E 3RD ST & N TREAT AV      11-14 Fri     07:18 AM     Bicycle traffic     BT     E143180157
    according to the rolling log at:
    TPD was told to leave the intersection alone.

    This morning we find this:
    “Near-campus wreck prompts UA student to seek lighted crosswalk” from ADS at:

    When we look at West University Neighborhood logs at:

    We find not much TPD interest in traffic enforcement of any kind (re: motorists, cyclists, peds). Too dangerous for TPD when there are easy quota-pickings over at 3rd and and Treat?

    Is Roberto Villasenor/TPD behavior (mindless quotas, apparent sting operations) warping (biasing) the implementation of  costly HAWK sites?


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