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Boston bike co-op closes after theft

UTPD ‘bait bike’ program success declines



2 thoughts on “Link roundup: November 20”
  1. 5th has the Roskruge buses and student pick up drop off traffic twice a day during the school year. I wouldn’t exactly call it car free for about 3 hrs a day M-F. Personally I don’t go anywhere near 5th when schools in session. I like Mr McKisson’s quote in the Wildcat moderate though it may be. I’m confused as to why mode shifting has to include knocking over bicyclists with tripping tracks of death. I’m pretty sure that a road that tossed automobile drivers onto the ground would not have been built and certainly not on the most prime and utilised route in the city.

  2. I’m with you, Orvis. I’ve pretty much stopped using University Blvd. and 4th Ave. because of the streetcar tracks.

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