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One thought on “Link roundup: November 21”
  1. I strongly disagree with a comment made in a radio news interview with the city bike and pedestrian coordinator this morning.  It was stated that pedestrians were the most vulnerable of road users while commenting on their high number of fatalities this year. Cyclists are the most vulnerable road users. We’re not getting the media hype because our number of fatalities are low.
    Pedestrians have the best defensive opportunity of  all road users given their visual scope and the best mobile reaction potential for avoidance of incidents. I contend the difference in the number of fatal incidents is mainly due to distracted walking and high-risk behaviors for pedestrians as opposed to alert road use necessary for cyclists. More cyclists consider themselves part of traffic and have to maintain alertness to road and pavement conditions. Cyclists’ vulnerability extends from the reliance on responsible  motor vehicle operation and restricted visual range.
    The casual statement of ‘fact’ by a government representative leaves an uneasy feeling for the perspective the city may have in regards to cycling.

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