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5 thoughts on “Link Roundup: October 15”
  1. Bike counting can start immediately, without automatic counters. Find the right places to do counts (this should be where you see tons of people biking and places where you see almost no people biking, and places where you want to see biking). Then get some good volunteers. Teach people how to count and record their count. Station them at the places. Go!

    Before Chicago started doing 24-hour counts using EcoCounter equipment, manual counts were done on Tuesday through Thursday at 7-9 and 16-18. Midweek traffic is seen as more typical, but this may be super old thinking.

  2. Regarding “beer saves a bicyclist’s life,” I have a similar story. I was hit by a car (broadside, but slight angle) and thrown off. My backpack had two cartons of orange juice and a frozen pizza (I was going to have a nice weekend dinner alone). I landed square on my backpack. I felt a liquid dripping down my neck and my first thought was blood but thankfully it was a liquid of a different color: the juice.

  3. I wrote a while back about local planners that are trying to get a few of the auto counter. Here is the story:

    Last I heard, they will at least get two to test, although they are pushing for four.

    Of course we have out manuals count, which start next week, but I think having the counters will be great.

    Last year, the count was pretty weird because it was freakishly cold.

    Thanks to Steven for the info too.

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