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3 thoughts on “Link roundup: October 23”
  1. Re: “Columbus pays $1.25 million to settle lawsuit claiming potholes contributed to bicycle crash”

    City of Tucson take note.

    It would be interesting to learn what it costs City of Tucson to fix one, just one, deadly pothole if we have to think about the budget side of things…

  2. That long linear storm drain at Timrod just before Alvernon. It used to not have those nice little welded bars that kept a bicycle wheel from being swallowed by it. I rode over it in the dark, whacked my head and wrecked a wheel. I was so thrilled when City of Tucson risk management agreed to buy me a wheel. Guess I should have held out for more? oops

  3. People can cross a street. It’s the injurious hazards that aren’t seen for one reason or another that can do seasoned and novice riders harm.

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