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2 thoughts on “Link roundup: October 25”
  1. True confessions of a bicycle scofflaw, Elly Blue, definitely worth reading.  It speaks to the Tuesday Night Ride comments controversy.  I like her take on the problem because it mirrors mine.  Motorists aren’t particularly interested in sharing a resource they’ve come to view as exclusively theirs.  This is the point of friction.  The complaining that bicyclists aren’t registered and licensed, that they run stop signs and behave badly, it’s all about not wanting to share.  Rules not followed in this world.  It’s a very long list.  How many people actually bring their trash cans in from the curb and onto their own property after pick up day?  None of my neighbors do.  Who always drives the speed limit?  Go to Epic at 4th and University, count cars that make a legal stop.  It’s about 1 in 10.  Fuel a vehicle, watch the people talking on their cell phones.  Live in an historic neighborhood see your neighbors change their homes without an historic review or a building permit.  

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