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3 thoughts on “Link Roundup: October 25”
  1. That was an awful PSA. Aside from the “star power” it might bring, you see the actor going back and forth on the same path (separated from cars). It talks about wonderful things for people riding bikes and driving cars to do, but doesn’t demonstrate any of them.

    Who can pass this football player if he’s riding on the path?

  2. Those are very good points, Steven. I like the ones that use people to demonstrate that cyclists are people just like motorists.

    You are right, though. It has to demonstrate actually being traffic.

  3. I’d also like to add that we don’t “meet” the narrator until late in the game. For a few seconds, I thought were going to listen to the voice of a San Diego Charger but watch some Joe Schmoe ride his carbon-parted road bike on a car-free route.

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