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6 thoughts on “Link roundup: September 13”
  1. I was going to write a reply to “Is a Bicycle Really More Efficient Than
    a Car?” about how he didn’t factor in intial costs, maintenance,
    parking, insureance, etc. Got a little way into it and decided what’s
    the point posting a comment on a website called “The Truth about Cars”.
    Anyway, I scratched some numbers out and it looks like bikes are way
    more efficient in terms of dollars/mile than cars (no surprise), but
    that transit buses are more efficient than bikes! That surprised me.
    This was a total back-of-the-envelope calculation, so I don’t really
    want to post it right now. But if anyone has figures on the total costs
    of commuting by car, bike, and transit I’d like to see them. Cheers.

  2. Nathan, 
    Just curious, when you did the numbers on buses, did you cost a ride out at $1.50, or the full price it takes to run the buses which is $27/ride?  Also, I assume you didn’t factor in all the various taxes we all pay that goes into the roads we use, whether we bike, drive or ride the bus.  And finally, the cost of light rail reaches infinity, so that can’t be calculated at all…
    I’m just saying that the costs of all forms of transportation are much greater than what we see when we add up our personal receipts for gas, tires, etc.  I know you know that, it’s just that you didn’t mention it.

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