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As technology changes, so does transportation on UA’s campus

Bus riders try to help each other during strike


Flagstaff commute fraught with danger

ASUPD, biking community provide options to deter bike theft


Cycle Oregon’s 28th edition gets rolling through northeast Oregon

Bike lane activist in Boston says it with flowers

Will Fourth Try Be Charm for Charm City Bikeshare?

Wearable Maps of 80 Cities Around the Globe


Victoria mayor’s ‘crappy beat-up old mountain bike’ stripped for parts during council meeting

An Uber for bicycles? The grand ambitions of Danish startup AirDonkey

3 thoughts on “Link roundup: September 14”
  1. The quote below is not from the follow-up link in the other comment, but is about that incident. It is made by a church reverend, but is not particularly representative of any individual or group. It is offered here as distinct commentary on the point of human failure by individuals or groups charged with social responsibilities to others

    “In the end, this was an epic failure. It was the failure of a process to stop a candidate for bishop from being put forward when clearly her alcoholism was not in remission. It was a failure of Heather’s to choose not to treat her alcoholism and conceal her past. This resulted in the death of a husband and father – something which Heather will have to live with for the rest of her life and for which she may be incarcerated. This was our failure of Heather too.
    “As the Church, we set her up to fail by confusing forgiveness with accountability. We did not hold her accountable to a program of sobriety and we failed to ask the tough love questions which needed to be asked. In so doing, we offered cheap grace – and that is enabling.”

    Cyclists, and pedestrians, too, seem to be inordinately at he tragic end of  scenarios stemming from such enabling.

    I don’t mean to belabor this incident, but it is so out-of-bounds..

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