Tucson’s Epic Rides will announce the location of the third “Off-Road” series mountain bike race on Wednesday at Interbike.

Epic Rides’ Todd Sadow wants the location of the newest ride to be a surprise come Wednesday, but did say the race would take place in the third week of June and makes the “Off-Road” races a “bonafide” series.

The third event will be similar to both the Whiskey Off Road in Prescott Ariz. and Grand Junction Off Road in Grand Junction Colo., in that it takes over a town for three days and hosts a party and mountain bike race for competitive and recreational mountain bikers alike.

Sadow said the new ride is the third of “five or six” races the group plans to promote. The first in the series is the Whiskey Off-Road in April. The second is the Grand Junction Off-Road, which takes place in May. The new race will happen in June and the races Epic Rides starts will take place in the months following.

Sadow said the series would end by Labor Day each year.

Tune in on Wednesday to find out where the new event will take place and check out our previous interview with Sadow about his plans for the series.

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