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5 thoughts on “Link roundup: September 19”
  1. Walk Score attempts to measure and map “walkability” of USA neighborhoods, cities, and states. Assuming their method is “correct enough” and bikeability correlates closely with walkability, the tool may be useful and informative.

    City rankings:



    Note that the neighborhoods (left side of screen) are clickable to give neighborhood detail.

    Here’s Portland, OR:

    They are working on Bike Score, apparently not quite ready:



  2. Does anyone know what’s up with There and Back Bikes? There’s a “closed due to illness” sign on the front door. It’s been there for a couple of weeks.

    Anyone know when their normal business hours will resume?

  3. Martha, probably not for some time. They are currently open Wednesday and Friday. I’ll more info soon.

  4. I blew through the intersection of Olive and 2nd about an hour ago. At about 3mph. I’m glad there wasn’t an officer there to make sure I knew I was supposed to come to a full and complete stop. I was riding my heavy bike with 2 full, heavy panniers; I didn’t feel like stopping and starting again.

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