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2 thoughts on “Link roundup: September 23”
  1. tt
    TPD stopped by its notorious feeding pond, 3rd and Treat, yesterday the 24th:
    E 3RD ST & N TREAT AV    09-24 Thu     09:28 AM     Bicycle traffic         E152670244
    E 3RD ST & N TREAT AV      09-24 Thu     09:18 AM     Bicycle traffic         E152670230
    E 3RD ST & N TREAT AV      09-24 Thu     09:10 AM     Bicycle traffic         E152670223
    The rolling log at Neighborhood Support Network indicates that TPD hasn’t been there for a while. Perhaps with end-of-month coming up, one morning, TPD motor officers decided it was time to help their stats a bit, for 30 minutes or so. One would think that if the intersection is such a death trap and opportunity for TPD to educate, TPD would be there every day and night, like 24/7. They aren’t.

    Tucson/Pima Bicycle Advisory Committee seems to be okay with this cynical, exploitive and wasteful behavior by TPD.  It doesn’t “…have a beef with TPD…” but does with COT DOT Engineering. Oh, and also, the media published a draft letter from TPBAC regarding the situation. There’s that too, which also upsets them to no end. All aflutter, the committee is. Unofficially.

    The committee plans to write another letter…
    NB page 10.

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