I’m in LA for a few days at a work conference. That doesn’t mean however the biking stops. I’m staying about three miles from the conference hotel and my hosts have a bike. I’ve been showing up on two wheels each day.

he majority of my ride is on a nice one lane road with a mix of sharrows and bike lanes. However the final 3/4 of a mile is along three or four lane roads. So far the drivers have been attentive and I haven’t been honked at for taking the lane.

I have seen that most people who are riding bikes along this stretch are riding on the sidewalks.


4 thoughts on “Photos: LA conference commuting”
  1. NiceNNNNiNice photo, the first one, DTLA and not a human in sight. Kind of spooky, like last bike on Earth.Earth

  2. @katalinscherer oh god, without even reading that I can probably more or less predict the terms and tone of the debate. Complete with spurious anecdotes and ad hominem attacks.

    I’m glad that Tucson’s bike and pedestrian infrastructure is improving as time goes on. 

    On my ride in this morning, it occurred to me that one reason that a lot of car drivers seem to not believe that as many people ride as actually do, is because a lot of our comfortable biking streets and paths are off of busy roads. So they never even see the considerable 2-wheel and 2-foot traffic that Tucson actually has.

  3. @ignorant drivers @katalinscherer   So, infrastructure improvements should be done more to connectors and arterials so that motorists can become familiar with reality? There is a real lot of bike traffic on arterials that have not been the focus of improvements since the inception of the striped shoulder.

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