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One thought on “Link roundup: September 4”
  1. Here’s an interesting and local link:

    But before you go there, keep in mind that it is a rolling list of Tucson Police Department activity in that neighborhood (so will out date as time goes by) and keep in mind that all kinds of things go on there–not all are bikey. The bikey things are:

    09-02 Tue 3rd and Treat

    08-29 Fri  3rd and Treat

    08-28 Thu 3rd and Treat

    08-27 Wed 3rd and Treat

    08-26 Tue 3rd and Treat

    Red Star has no idea whether TPD is actually issuing citations in these stops or wasting city resources in this grand spasm of police activity over an intersection having obsolete signage.

    What is known is that the city’s Bicycle/Ped Coordinator, Ann Chanecka, asked TPD to lay off that 3rd and Treat intersection while the signage difficulties where resolved. TPD agreed and did so for a while. But they are back.
    Another thing known is that perhaps a year or so ago, TPD instituted an (average) “one traffic stop per day” for its motorcycle and car patrol officers. Recently in the Old Pueblo’s news media Red Star has viewed TPD Chief Villasenor pleading that such activity is not an evil “quota” but, rather, a “performance standard.” Red Star suggests the parsing, semantic game-playing Chief visit the factories in Asia that make his electronics, and make his “case” to the suicidal workers there…how vital they are to his mission.

    We have no sure idea whether TPD patrol officers are cynically gaming the quota/performance standard system by going to 3rd and Treat. And ignoring real safety issues that affect cyclists–patrols and enforcement that might actually be more challenging and dangerous for officers. We have no idea.

    There are no reports of cycling activists bringing doughnuts or even bagels to these hardworking police officers at 3rd and Treat.

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