I’m trying out a new format for my link roundup today. Let me know if you prefer the new format or the old one with headline as link.

  • Tucson gets a mention in this azcentral.com story about problems with laws that supposedly protect Arizona cyclists.
  • A letter writer expresses his frustration over the UA’s decision to ban cyclists on the main stretch into the UA’s tech park in a letter to the Wildcat. TucsonBikeLawyer.com also has a post about the subject.
  • Despite our shaky laws and bike bans, Forbes magazine ranked Tucson as one of America’s Best Cities For Bikers.
  • Apparently, in parts of New York, the police are actually the ones stealing bikes, but they at least they give the bikes back. Of course, the destroyed locks are another matter.
  • Also in New York, the ex-cop in that whole shoving-a-cyclist-to-the-ground-during-critical-mass thing is claiming self defense.
  • Maybe the cops in New York wouldn’t be aggressive if all cyclists’ bikes were blowing bubbles.
  • The Grand Canyon National park is trying to reduce traffic and let visitors experience the park in a “greener” way by renting bikes to visitors.
  • In Santa Fe, cyclists are starting to advocate for their own five-foot-passing law. No word on whether it will be enforced though.
  • In Long Beach, police aren’t stealing bikes, in fact they are using surveillance cameras to catch the thieves.
  • Stolen bikes aren’t just a problem in the United States. Amsterdam battles their own theft problem, but these helpful tips and photos might prevent your bike from getting stolen.
  • Louisville, unlike New York, is actually installing bikes downtown. These bikes are a little more colorful than your regular commuter though.
  • In Washington DC, cyclists are considered vehicles and you can be arrested for DUI on a bike.
  • What better way is there to show your love for bicycles than with ink? I suppose cyclists won’t have to worry about the stretching that occurs with a more sedentary lifestyle.
  • You’ve heard about bookmobiles, but have you heard about this book bike?
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