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A six-year-old boy who was riding his bicycle was struck and killed by a UPS driver making deliveries in a southside apartment complex yesterday.

Daylin Garcia Enos, 6, was struck by a UPS driver who was backing into a parking space in an apartment complex near Bilby Road and Campbell Avenue according to the Tucson Police Department release.

The report indicates the driver “checked his backup camera, mirrors and honked the horn.”

Daylin was struck while the driver was pulling into the parking space according to police. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver was not cited.

4 thoughts on “Updated: Boy, 6, biking in apartment complex killed by UPS driver”
  1. No one except witnesses, if there were any, knows what happened in this case. In my neighborhood, the UPS drivers seem to be in a big hurry, zooming around blind corners and generally going faster than it seems safe in a residential area with no sidewalks and narrow streets. I actually called UPS to complaint about this, but it has made no difference. The drivers may be on a timed schedule for deliveries and encouraged to speed.

  2. most of the UPS drivers in Tucson have no regard for other drivers or pedestrians. They are under tremendous pressure by their evil bosses(yes evil). It’s all about $$$. Whenever I see a UPS truck on the road here I stay as far away as possible. They will cut you off, go through red lights, text and talk on cellphone while they drive. I have seen it countless times. The sad thing is this driver will probably get reamed out or suspended/fired for being late to his next stops. UPS does not care one bit that a boy was killed. same thing with fed ex

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