A shirt and shoe left at the scene.
A shirt and shoe left at the scene.

A cyclist was assaulted by three men on Catalina Highway earlier this month.

According to a Pima County Sheriff’s Department press release, a 24-year-old cyclist was riding up Catalina Highway on Oct. 1  when an about mile post one, someone in a silver car threw an object, possibly a soda can, and hit him in the head.

The cyclist turned around and caught up to the vehicle at Snyder Road and Catalina Highway.

According to the victim, the car pulled over and three men got out of the vehicle and began assaulting the cyclist. Video shows the cyclist being punched and kicked while the cyclist was on the ground.

The release indicates a woman got out of the car to tell the three men to get back in the car. The cyclist grabbed the woman’s shirt and pulled it off during the attack. One of the suspects shoes was also left at the scene.

According to the report the silver vehicle sped off toward Houghton Road.

The cyclist suffered minor injuries in the attack.

The Sheriff’s Department is urging people with information to contact them at 88-CRIME or 911.

14 thoughts on “Video: Cyclist attacked on Mount Lemmon highway”
  1. sluggh At the point I wrote the original piece, I didn’t have the video. A better choice would have been something like, Police say a bicyclist was attacked. 
    I’ve edited given that I now have the video with it.

  2. I saw a guy throw a snowball at a roadie one time up near prison camp. Roadie turned and chased the vehicle halfway down the mtn. Sometimes roadies are retarded, this seems to be the case here as well.

  3. The case seems workable. There are some “ifs.” If the Summerhaven merchants and residents had outdoor video cams, if the merchants there had indoor video cams (and if the suspects entered the stores/lots) it’s possible a scrap of license plate, a green top, whatever, was captured on video. But it’s Summerhaven, so perhaps not on the ifs.

    Hope there will be persistent pressure on Our Sheriff to pursue this.

    As an aside, would it be the end of the world for Pima County/Charles Huckleberry to install basic cams at, say milepost two or three? Doing so might prevent this kind of criminal nonsense, the tacking and who knows what else. After all, there is only one way way up and one way down for crazy motorist and passengers.

  4. There is a video of the incident. Nobody went after them, even though there was ample time to do so. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

  5. Red Star this did not happen in Summerhaven.  This occurred near the Catalina Highway/Snyder intersection which is almost at the base of the mountain.  There are no merchants in this area.  Homes are on lots of at least one acre so there are no video cameras.

  6. Once you turn and give chase in such a situation, you become the aggressor and can be charged with aggravated assault…depending how things go. So, unless it’s a real serious thing and/or you’re assured that you possess superior weaponry, best to just keep riding up the mountain.
    We don’t know if the soda can was full or empty….whether it hit on his helmet or not, but it seems the more serious injury occurred from chasing and extending the confrontation. With the chances of getting a satisfactory outcome being improved by what…..probably none.
    The worst decisions are made when we’re angry.

  7. DanielStolte I think most people are scared of thug behavior.  Most people are just too scared.

  8. @zz not if you were assulted first and you chase them to get license plate information and further evidence.

  9. BonnieKersta 
    Madam, Red Star did not state, imply or suggest that the two assaults (the throwing of the can at the cyclist around milepost 1, the kicking of the cyclist farther down) occurred in Summerhaven.
    One can only hope Pima County Sheriff will pursue all possibilities in this case and not be so reflexively dismissive.

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