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A 76-year old man has died two days after a crash involving a motorist on Monday morning.

According to a Tucson Police Department press release, Lawrence Lacroix, 76, was riding east on Silverlake Road on Tucson’s south side on Monday morning around 8:30 a.m.

A motorist also heading east on Silverlake made a right turn onto Cottonwood Lane in front of Lacroix who collided with the car.

According to TPD the cyclist was taken to the hospital with what they considered “non-life-threatening injuries.” However two days later Lacroix died from the injuries Wednesday.

The driver was cited for making an unsafe turn and operating a motor vehicle without a valid license.

2 thoughts on “Cyclist dies two days after crash”
  1. @IcantEven  of course not. If history has proven anything here it’s that it’s okay for you to kill someone with your car. You only get a ticket. Disgusting.

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