The City of Tucson added bicycle pavement markings to the Jim Glock Bypass to prevent people from parking in the bicycle route.

Tucson’s bicycle and pedestrian planner Ann Chanecka said there were problems with delivery trucks and employees of businesses in the building, parking in the area and preventing bicyclists from being able to use the route.

Chantelle Reynwar bikes the bypass daily while taking her children to school and said the markings have made a big difference since they were added.

She said before the markings something would be completely blocking or creating a hazard by leaving a narrow path between three and four times a week.

The bypass is designed to allow cyclists to navigate the complicated Fourth Avenue, Toole Avenue and Congress Street intersection by riding behind the parking garage at the intersection.

Following the installation of the pavement markings Reynwar said she hasn’t had any trouble with people blocking the bike path.

“I also had guys argue with me on a couple of occasions,” Reynwar said. “The markings were really ambiguous. The big bikes and the zebra stripes are pretty clear.”

One thought on “Photo: Pavement markings show up on Toole/4th bypass”
  1. …AND, the bike corral shows up again in front of the co-op after a lengthy absence! The city could just say no bike parking during the street  fair like they do for cars by covering the meters. Do the hoops really block anything with no bikes attached?
    It’s a bothersome thing when bike amenities are so readily cast aside.

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