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Cyclovia Tucson organizers announced a new route for the first fall Cyclovia Tucson and are trying to raise money to make it the biggest one yet.

Cyclovia Director Kylie Walzak said the goal has always been to create a fall event and after so many people attended the event last April there was a lot of momentum to put together one in the fall, which is scheduled for Nov. 2.

Walzak said the 2.6 mile out-and-back route heads along the Fourth Avenue bike boulevard and then down Sixth Street from University Boulevard.

She said they wanted to highlight the booming businesses on Sixth Avenue,  the streetcar and the Keeling Neighborhood, which has been one of the most engaged and supportive neighborhoods.

Two other bike events will be taking place during the Cyclovia event. The fall GABA Bike Swap moved their event to coincide with Cyclovia, which is a departure from the traditional date of one week before El Tour de Tucson.

The second is the University of Arizona Cycling Club will hold their cyclocross race on the same day at Mansfield Park, which is along the route.

It’s not cheap to organize the event however. Walzak said even a bare bones Cyclovia costs about $45,000 not including in-kind donations from partners.

Walzak said they have learned the more they can spend on the event, the more people come out to participate. Last April’s event drew about 30,000 people and cost Cyclovia Tucson about $60,000 to put together also excluding in-kind donations.

She said the organization is looking for ways to make the event sustainable by showing people even a little bit helps.

“If everyone who attended just donated a dollar or two, we would have covered the cost of the event,” she said. “We want to make this a community sustained event.”

The organization is currently trying to raise $15,000 to help fund the fall event.

Check out some of the photos and video from the last Cyclovia Tucson:

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