Editor’s note: This post is a follow-up to last month’s post about the dangerous conditions on Fifth Avenue. 

Bicyclist riding on Fifth Avenue between Congress and Broadway should have more room soon.

Tucson-Pima County Bicycle Advisory Committee member David Bachman-Williams said he and the Urban Core subcommittee of the BAC met with members of the streetcar team to voice their concerns about the street width and the dangers it poses for cyclists.

Currently there are two parking spaces and loading zone on the west side of the street. When vehicles are present in any of the spaces, it does not leave cyclists enough room to safely navigate the tracks and avoid the door zone.

Bachman-Williams said the streetcar planners were concerned with the safety of cyclists and whether the streetcar would even be able to make it through the area if a large truck was parked their unloading.

The section of track will be used more heavily in the beginning of the streetcar’s operations because fewer cars will head all the way to the Mercado area until it is more heavily developed.

About half the cars will use Fifth Avenue to turn around and head back to Fourth Avenue and the University area.

We’ll keep an eye on the area to see when the parking and loading zone is removed.

One thought on “Parking to be removed along Fifth Street”
  1. Streetcar planners should have shut up after stating concern for cyclists’ safety. Then cyclists could have felt they struck a blow for the cause. But cyclists’ safety by itself is never enough reason for anything.

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