City of Tucson crews installed this region’s first protected bike lane last week.

I pedaled over to it yesterday and shot a couple videos riding though the short section of bike lane separated by the bollards we wrote about last week.

The section is very short — it spans Sixth Street/St. Mary’s Boulevard from Main Avenue to I-10 —  but the city hopes to add more throughout the region.

Checkout the video:

Here are a few photos:


This bollard wasn't actually broken, but wasn't tight. The city plans to go out and check the bolts.
This bollard wasn’t actually broken, but wasn’t tight. The city plans to go out and check the bolts.
3 thoughts on “Photos and Video: Tucson’s first protected bike lane installed”
  1. The lack of infrastructure THROUGH the intersection is pretty concerning.  That’s the portion of the route where something is most likely to go wrong and yet there is nothing communicating the presence of cyclists to motorists.   In other places, I’ve seen bike chevrons or some sort of dashed green paint treatment.

  2. What does the law say about who has the right-of-way when a bicyclist
    and a right turning motorist arrive at an intersection at about the same

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