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Out-of-state cyclists pump $88 million in the the state economy when they come to train and participate in events according to a new report.

The economic impact study published Tuesday by the Arizona Department of Transportation focused only on out-of-state cyclists and their impact on the state economy.

In addition to the $88 million, the report indicated that 721 jobs are directly tied to those cyclists. The report breaks the $88 million into retail sales and tourism. Tourism accounted for just over $30 million and retail sales accounted for just over $57 million.

It is the first time ADOT has attempted to quantify the value of the region and it’s bicycling infrastructure.

“The underlying premise is that bikeways can provide a substantial boost in the number of visitors attracted to an area, thus increasing the likelihood of money being spent. Research results indicate that bikeways generate revenue from users, mostly through purchases on food, lodging and incidentals at nearby establishments within the local area.”

You can download the report here, but check out some of the highlights below:

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