After a meeting of the Cyclovia Tucson steering committee on Friday, it appears a second Cyclovia isn’t likely to happen this spring.

Emily Yetman, Living Streets Alliance and Cyclovia organizer, said on Sunday that it doesn’t appear that a second Cyclovia is feasible this spring.

Instead, she said the group is now trying to host a second event in the fall.

The planning and budget concerns made creating a second ride so quickly too much of a challenge.

Cyclovia organizers were hoping to begin organizing two rides each spring starting in 2013 because it is less expensive to advertise and send out marketing material for both events at the same time.

Fall and spring events seem to be more popular with Tucsonans, but would not offer any cost savings.

Yetman said the group is still hoping to utilize social fundraising tools like Kickstarter to help offset the cost of a fall Cyclovia.

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