Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 5.54.52 PMA 59-year-old El tour de Tucson cyclist has died after being hit by a motorist on the route.

The Arizona Daily Star reports that the Tucson cyclist, John Henderson, was riding in the bike lane marked off by cones when a driver struck him from behind.

The crash occurred on the Frontage Road between Sunset Road and Camino del Cerro.

Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists president Zach MacDonald was heading south on I-10 when he saw the crash. He said it looked like medical professionals were administering CPR as he went by.



6 thoughts on “El Tour de Tucson cyclist killed in crash”
  1. I witnessed someone driving in that lane today too despite being very obvious that it was not for motorized vehicles. Also saw a cabbie, who must’ve been tired of waiting, pull out on 22nd street (between I-10 and 6th ave) and drive the wrong way on another clearly marked street towards all of us. So many police around, but none to see this.

  2. The driver will likely get a stern warning and told not to drive in bicycle lanes any more. It is ridiculous. This is manslaughter plain and simple. people need to be held accountable for controlling their 1/4 ton vehicle… or don’t drive.

  3. Hopefully, he died on impact and didn’t suffer.  He probably never saw it coming. God rest his soul and give peace to his partner.

  4. This is truly tragic. I feel deeply for the family of the slain cyclist.
    We need much stronger enforcement of traffic violations. I see careless, distracted, and aggressive driving every day at nearly every intersection I cross.
    And for its part, Perimeter Bicycling Association could be a stronger voice advocating for safe streets and safer infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians.

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