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After 15 years of being held off campus, Spring Fling is returning to the University of Arizona campus. The return however will cause headaches for bicyclists who use the Third Street corridor.

According to the University of Arizona Transportation Department, University Boulevard between Campbell Avenue and Cherry Avenue will be closed to all traffic including bicyclists.

The closure will start at 6 a.m. on Monday April 7 and last until Wednesday April 16 at 8 a.m.

The parking department said a detour will be posted for bicyclists, but haven’t posted the detour online. (I will update the post when I have the detour route.)

The closure takes place on the most popular entrance to the University of Arizona for cyclists.

Check out more information about Spring Fling here.

5 thoughts on “Spring Fling will close popular bike route for 9 days”
  1. On the plus side, Spring Fling will feature a free bicycle valet station located on the UA Mall just west of Cherry, and very close to the entrance to Spring Fling.

    If you’re planning on coming to Spring Fling, ride in and use the free bike valet!

  2. It really adds to an east west commute.  I tried 2nd going east yesterday during rush hr and I was in queued lines of in a hurry cars plus the turn onto Campbell to get back to 3rd took a light cycle to complete at both ends, 2nd and 3rd.  Coming back later that evening I took 5th and it was a maze plus the west end had limos and cabs blocking the path entrances by the dorms.  I have no idea why the t-dot bike ped folks think 5th provides an alternative route o avoid the St Car because of how convoluted and overhead intensive it is.  

    UA is advising Broadway or Speedway as an alternate route, Broadway would be ok if you wanted to be further south.  Speedway’s bike lane dies at Euclid plus the roadway changes numbers of lanes so you’re dealing with the merge traffic and if your destination is more southern good luck getting to the left lane at Euclid to even attempt a turn plus Euclid is bike lane less in that stretch.  

    More than anything this situation illustrates how bereft of cycling facilities we are, lose one small stretch and it takes forever to get around it.  That the dearth of facilities is occurring in an area where cycling is intensive further underscores how far we’ll need to go to even keep the gold status we already have.  Good luck with platinum.

  3. @Orvis Should have printed this all in bold caps.
    There’s a move afoot to go around and gather all the bike friendly community signs and send them to the L.A.W. offices in DC and request they return them when they think we’re ready.

  4. @zz  Just tell me when and where and I’m there.  I might just be easier to append the signs with a question mark.

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