Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 8.59.33 PMTemporary four-way stop signs added to Church Avenue and Franklin Street have been so popular the city is making the change permanent.

The stop signs were added during the construction on Sixth Street one block north of the intersection.

Ann Chanecka the city’s bike and pedestrian program manager said crews replaced signs with permanent ones.

The intersection is popular with cyclists coming or going from BICA, which is one block north on Ninth Avenue and Sixth Street.

Before the change, north and south bound Church Avenue did not have to stop. Church Avenue is also a popular north/south route for cyclists through downtown.

What do you think about the change?

Here’s a map of the intersection:

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One thought on “Temporary stop signs at Church and Franklin become permanent”
  1. Wow! this is really great news.  As a frequent pedestrian and cyclist through this intersection I am THRILLED by anything that even begins to attempt to level the playing field of mobility in a congested automobile centric urban area like downtown Tucson.  Really this is a very big deal.

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