Getting across three major Tucson streets will be a bit easier in the next three months.

The City of Tucson is adding three HAWK signals around the city.

“We’re trying to knock a  HAWK off every month,” Ann Chanecka the city’s bicycle and pedestrian program manager said.

Two of the HAWK signals will be bike HAWKs and one will be a traditional pedestrian HAWK.

The HAWK signal was invented in Tucson by a former Tucson traffic engineer and are designed to help pedestrians and bicyclists cross major streets with the aid of a red light, which is only activated if a pedestrian or bike is waiting to cross.

The two bike HAWKS will be installed at:

  • Ninth Street and Campbell Avenue
  • Treat Avenue and Broadway Boulevard

Each of the bike HAWKs are additions to the corridor that already have bike and pedestrian friendly crossings elsewhere along the corridor.

The traditional pedestrian HAWK will be installed at 22nd Street and Avenida Sirio between Wilmot and Kolb Roads.

8 thoughts on “Three new crossing signals in the works”
  1. This is great news. I’m really glad the city is chipping away at these and making the bike/pedestrian network more usable.
    If anyone from the city is listening to these comments, I’d like to lobby for a HAWK at Fort Lowell and Treat/Christmas Ave. That would accommodate a lot of seasonal traffic to Winterhaven and make the Treat Ave bikeway a lot more usable.

  2. About a year and a half ago Ann Chanecka informed me that a HAWK was slated for Grant & Sahuara in early 2014… It was never built & is not on this list, I guess the wait is on if it is to be built at all.  I’ve sent a few follow up emails to Ann but she has never replied.

  3. Hurray for the Hawk Light at Treat and Broadway!  It will make it so much easier for people living to the south to get to the Himmel library, and people living to the north to get to Broadway Village.  Hopefully we can also get Treat re-paved near Himmel Park?

  4. jtzollinger I called Ann and she said it’s still on the list, but that there were some utility issues that delayed the installation. They have been dealt with and it’ll be going in this year.

  5. @A Yes, there is every indication that Richard Nassi pulled it all together and came up with the HAWK, a remedy that is proliferating in many USA cities. He deserves more than being “some guy in Tucson.” Unfortunately, COT, Mayor and Council (so busy with the busy Steve), COT DOT,TPD, PAG, and media are too what — obtuse, lazy, gtm to recognize him in any meaningful way despite the savings in lives and the first responder cost reduction for this city and others. There seems to be more interest in John Dillinger. But of course!

  6. MikeMcKisson jtzollinger 

    I was going to make a comment similar to jtzollinger, but I see that the HAWK at Grant/Sahuara is actually indicated on the planning map presented in another BicycleTucson post.
    I had been curious about that ‘missing’ HAWK for some time now. That’s a good spot for one, because Glenn St. goes east as far as Sahuara. Then, you can drop down to Pima if you want to continue east. But only if Grant is easier to cross!

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