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Welcome to, the new and (hopefully) improved website for Tucson’s bicycle news site.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve changed the domain name from Tucson Velo to Bicycle Tucson. Old links to posts will be redirected to the the same story on the new site.

We also added a new theme to the site with the major benefit from it coming for users who access on mobile devices. It should be cleaner looking and easy to use on phones and tablets.

Additionally, I’ve changed the name of our social media accounts to reflect the new Bicycle Tucson name. You can follow Bicycle Tucson on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or check out our posts at the bottom of the page.

Bicycle Tucson has partnered with to offer a better way to list stolen bicycles and get the word out for the community to look for them. In the past reader would have to send an email to me and I would list them by hand. Unfortunately, spam picked up a lot of them and I didn’t always get to them right away, which could make a difference when a thief is trying to unload a bike.

The new system is automated and allows users to register their bike automatically. It will appear on both’s stolen bike listing page and’s site. The system is having a few glitches getting the bikes posted onto the Bicycle Tucson, but we are working on that and should have it fixed shortly. The upload to is working well.

Lastly, I’ve made sponsoring Bicycle Tucson more affordable than ever so if you or someone you know is interested in reaching thousands of cyclists every month, have them get in contact.

Please poke around the site and leave a comment about the changes. I hope it’s a welcome change.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Bicycle Tucson”
  1. Excited about your redesign and the new stolen bike listings 🙂 Let’s get some bikes back!

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