Check out one of Tucson’s best holiday traditions by bicycle.

My family and I rode over to the neighborhood last night and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Winterhaven resident Karen Miller said bikes can ride through on any of the nights. Bikes are also welcome on the drive-through nights, but said there there was “A LOT” of traffic.

There were also a lot of people walking, which sometimes made it difficult to ride, but overall it was a great way to check out the lights.

The Festival of Lights runs through Dec. 26 from 5:30 – 10:00 p.m. Dec. 26 is the only only drive-through night remaining.

Winterhaven’s boundaries are Ft. Lowell Road, Country Club Road, Tucson Boulevard and Prince Road. Traffic was heavy so it might make sense to take Treat Road coming from the south, or Cactus Road, which connects via a dirt path to the Rillito River path.

5 thoughts on “Check out Winterhaven from a bike seat”
  1. Definitely go by bike. On a bike you can move quickly enough through the neighborhoods that you can see everything before you get tired of the whole thing. Plus, bring lights and decorate yourself and your bike (as Mr TucsonVelo has) and you’ll add to the enjoyment of others!

  2. Yeah decorating your bike makes it a lot of fun. One woman actually said, “Your bikes are just as good as the houses.”

    How awesome is that?

  3. It was fun last evening to ride by bike. The group from TNBR was there. I had a lot of fun doing it and the lights were really great to enjoy.

  4. Winterhaven on a warm Tucson evening–great for biking, jogging, and walking. I love seeing groups of bikes with flashing lights when I walk through.

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