I know, I know. I promised the bike parking story I published on Tuesday would be the last parking story for a while, but this is a photo not a story.

I’m sometimes surprised at the places that have bike parking and the Saguaro Aquatics swim school at The Dive Shop on Prince Road is one of them.

We started taking Luci to swim lessons there and I was pleasantly surprised when I rolled up and saw the bike rack. It’s not the most functional, but I was happy they had one at all.

Any place you’ve been surprised had bike racks?

9 thoughts on “Photo: Bike parking in surprising places”
  1. Not at all surprised that the Bookmans at Speedway and Wilmot has some tucked out of the way (where you can’t see them from the store) in typical Bookmans cynicism.

    In other words, get a Kindle.

  2. I think it’s surprising that Vail Academy and High School has bike racks out front since there is no way to ride a bicycle there. Why have bike racks if there are no roads allowing bicyclists to get to them?

  3. No, but I could go and on and on and on about places that DON’T have bike racks and should. Pretty much any place that is further than 3 miles from the UA. Drives me nuts.

  4. Elliot Electronic Supply surprised me. They’re on Tyndall close to 22nd and Park.

  5. I thought that maybe There would be some response to this morning’s attack by “Jon Justice” of 104.1 FM on Living Streets Alliance and bike parking. Until this morning I had no idea that Cyclovia was an evil plot to destroy our way of life. I thought that it was a good plot to destroy our way of life.

  6. In response to Swerdna: I work in Vail and take SunTran’s 110x Express Route everyday from downtown. Though there may not be any way to ride to the Vail Academy campus I know there are students and employees at IBM, the UofA, and other places who ride their bike to the downtown Ronstadt Transit Center, then take their bikes inside to park once they’ve arrived at the Tech Park.

    This is just one example of how people don’t have to necessarily ride their bikes to a destination to use them for transport.

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