Despite a polling place that required us to walk our bikes on the sidewalk for a quarter mile because there was no bike infrastructure, we voted by bike.

Luci, Irene and I all rode (and walked) the the polling place, wore our helmets inside and got out sticker.

We weren’t even the only people who rode their bikes. While we were there someone else rolled up on his bike.

4 thoughts on “Photo: Bike the vote”
  1. Dude, you have the wrong precinct. I wheeled my bike into the front door when I voted today.

  2. No racks at the church that served as my polling place – lots of non-rack stuff to lock up to though, steel fence, poles, stairway columns, etc. right outside the door.

  3. Ours was probably one of the most unfriendly place I’ve seen for people in wheelchairs. I am going to call and voice my concern about it, actually.

    People in wheelchairs had to navigate a maze and then end up coming in a back door.

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