Rocky Serna submitted this photo of a car blocking the new bike path on Fourth Avenue and University boulevard.

The cutout in the photo is designed to allow cyclists to cross the tracks at a safer angle by swinging wide.

Of course even the best intentions are ruined when someone does something like this. To be fair, it’s not very clear what this cutout is and why you shouldn’t block it.


8 thoughts on “Photo: Blocking the bike path on University and 4th Ave.”
  1. Looks like some nice red paint and a no parking sign is in order.  Let’s see if the City of Tucson even does THAT for this intersection.

  2. To be fair, I don’t see “No Parking” sign. Or red paint on the curb. So, without those warning cues in place, how is the driver to know that he/she shouldn’t park there?

  3. Wow, I go by there almost every day and I don’t even know where that is…

  4. What  purpose does the island serve, then? Never occurred to me to ride through it. Water stands in there along with eventual accumulated debris.

  5. Y’all are too kind to the parking-impaired. Sure, some signage is in order. But when parking along a curb, when is it ever OK to block an intentional break in the curb? It’s not even legal to park across one of those (former) driveways to nowhere along neighborhood streets.

  6. Yeah. Are you sure this is supposed to be something you ride your bike through? Too sharp of a turn and pretty narrow. I would never think to ride through it either. I thought it was maybe to keep people from parking to close to the curve in the track?

  7. I rode past it on Sunday. It’s where the street car tracks swing right, turning from 4th onto University. It looked to me to be a way to allow cyclists to turn onto University from 4th without coming too close to the tracks.

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