Yep. It says 115.2F.

A lot of my motoring friends on Facebook have been positing photos of their car’s dashboard temperature gauge.

I figured I’d post my GPS’s temperature gauge during a commute home from the office a few days ago. Of course the difference is, they are taking their photos from the inside of a car with the air conditioning kicking on and I took mine having ridden 5 miles home in the heat.

My motto, however, is that it is only hot when you stop.

What about you? Do you still ride in the heat?

If you are, check out this article posted by reader, Red Star: Avoid Heat Stress When You Ride, With These Stay-Cool Tips

9 thoughts on “Photo: It’s hot”
  1. Yep, I still ride in the heat.  I’ve driven to work only once since 1998, and that was because I was leaving straight from work on a long road-trip.

  2. I sure do ride in the heat! With long-sleeved shirts, long tights, and does anyone know where to find a French Foreign Legion-style neck drape that would attach to a helmet? I’d like to add one of those to my cover-up look.

  3. Try Summit Hut or Miller’s. Or get some cotton cloth, a baseball cap, some velcro and figure it out. Sorry.

  4. Coming out of yoga today at 1:15 – 143F on the Planet Bike computer!

  5. Rode from Harrison back downtown just yesterday.  I did cheat and take the bus part way on the way out.  If I didn’t ride in the heat I’d starve.  I refuse to use a car to buy food.  

  6. I used to work in the heat and rode to and from work as well.  Mike’s motto is correct, it’s only hot when you stop.  Drink lots, sweat lots, and keep moving.
    I work at home now and don’t go outside much at all except to go for a ride.  I admit that I time my rides for either early in the morning or after dark.  If I was to spend much time out in the sun now, I’d buy long sleeved shirts made of a material that blocks UV rays.  They’re expensive, but my arms look horrible from all the time I’ve spent in the Tucson sun.  I’ve also added bills to my bike helmet that give extra protection from the sun, but I’d make a full wrap-around brim if I were to be out much mid-day.

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