The University of Arizona invited a Sony PS3 truck to take up the entire road between Old Main and UA Mall. Here’s their message for bikes.

12 thoughts on “Photo: No bikes allowed”
  1. Me and the Mrs. went for a ride thru campus last night on our way to Time Market and literally almost rode into that thing – it’s not lit up at night and being black, hard to see or tell that it takes up the whole street.

  2. The U isn’t evil because of this.  It just illustrates they don’t always think things out.  That’s a very human trait.

  3. Gotta love it. Because the bike paths on the other side of Old Man tend to be illegally used as a waiting zone for passenger pickup.

  4. It’s a great example of the lack of thought the University displays at times, although there are enough examples that they don’t to keep adding to the list (Uhm, how about that friction free shiny concrete on the University mall…)

  5. why dont you sit down play a video game and get fat instead of riding your bike???

  6. So nobody else here sees the intent of this sign as merely keeping people from bringing their bikes *into* the trailer?  Look at the location and angle.  I’m not seeing the offense that everyone else seems to be taking from a perfectly reasonable request.  It’s not like that trailer isn’t right next to the bike valet where anyone who wants to go inside can securely park for free.  Even if that sign really is to keep bikes off that little 20ft stretch of sidewalk (which as we all know is unsafe and rightfully against the law with or without a sign anyway, right?), it’s not even like there is no other convenient route to get from one side of the mall to the other.

  7. Essentially agree with you,  Scott. There are always simple workarounds.

    Probably the Sony promo trailer was put where it was put because the event was sprung on UA Facilities and on Transpo and because the trailer just had to be in a highly visible, in-your-face kind of  location (cooperation with mindless  corporate promo being one of the secret missions at UA and at the other Great Big U’s) and on reinforced asphalt (to support its weight).

    They couldn’t put the trailer in one of the central parking lots as that would offend UA car culture.

    Perhaps UA should get its act together, drop the pretense, and construct asphalt or concrete  reinforced pads on the greens for these exhibits. Or get really honest and build an exhibit hall to host the traveling corporate peddlers.

    In any case, bikes shouldn’t allowed on sidewalks in a congested environment.

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